What Is InfoPass?

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In the complex landscape of U.S. immigration services, InfoPass stands as a valuable resource, offering individuals seeking assistance or information regarding their immigration status direct access to appointment-based services. This online tool serves as a gateway to schedule in-person appointments with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), providing a platform for addressing queries, seeking updates, or resolving immigration-related concerns. Let’s delve into the essence of InfoPass, its functionalities, and the vital role it plays in the realm of U.S. immigration services.

What Is InfoPass?

  • Definition: InfoPass is an online service provided by USCIS, allowing individuals to schedule appointments at local USCIS offices to resolve issues related to their immigration applications or status.
  • Access to USCIS Services: Through InfoPass, applicants can seek assistance, inquire about pending applications, request updates, or address concerns related to their immigration case.

Functionalities And Benefits

  • Appointment Scheduling: InfoPass enables users to schedule face-to-face appointments at USCIS local offices, facilitating direct interaction with immigration officers or representatives.
  • Case-Specific Assistance: It provides an opportunity for individuals to discuss case-specific inquiries or issues regarding visa applications, green card petitions, work permits, or other immigration matters.

How InfoPass Works?

  • Online Booking: Users access the USCIS website to schedule an InfoPass appointment by providing personal information and selecting a preferred date and time for their visit.
  • Appointment Confirmation: Upon successful scheduling, users receive a confirmation notice with details of the appointment, including the date, time, and location of the USCIS office.

Key Scenarios For InfoPass Usage

  • Pending Applications: Individuals awaiting updates or facing delays in their immigration applications can use InfoPass to seek information or clarify concerns.
  • Document Collection or Submission: InfoPass appointments are instrumental for submitting additional documents or providing clarifications requested by USCIS officers.

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Evolution Of Uscis Services

  • Shift to Online Services: In recent years, USCIS has transitioned many services to online platforms, aiming to streamline processes and enhance accessibility for applicants.
  • Adaptation and Efficiency: The introduction of InfoPass aligns with USCIS’s efforts to improve efficiency, reduce wait times, and provide better customer service in the immigration process.


InfoPass represents a crucial tool in the realm of U.S. immigration, empowering individuals to directly engage with USCIS officers, seek clarification, and address concerns related to their immigration status. By facilitating face-to-face interactions, InfoPass enhances transparency, communication, and accessibility to USCIS services, contributing to a more informed and efficient immigration process for applicants.

As USCIS continues to evolve its services and embrace digital innovation, InfoPass remains a vital component, ensuring that individuals navigating the complexities of U.S. immigration have the opportunity for direct engagement and assistance, fostering a more transparent and accessible immigration system.


What Is The Reason For InfoPass?

InfoPass is a service provided by USCIS to assist permanent residents, intending immigrants, or non-immigrant visa holders with services that cannot be provided via phone or email.

What Is The Experience Of InfoPass Appointment?

In general an INFO PASS appointment is informal and stress free. It is not an asylum or adjustment of status interview. It is a fact gathering device when, as often happens, USCIS is slow to respond to other requests for information. However it is a useful tool that everybody has at their disposal.

How Do I Get A Stamp Appointment For My Passport InfoPass?

It is obtained through an InfoPass appointment at a USCIS office and requires documents such as a valid passport, appointment notice, I-90 receipt, and proof of residence. The stamp is valid for 6 months to 1 year, or until the passport expires. The cost involves the application fee for Form I-90 and a biometric fee.

What Is InfoPass For Advance Parole?

If you find yourself in this situation, you can call USCIS for an in-person appointment (or InfoPass) at your local field office for the purpose of “urgent travel with an advance parole document.”The USCIS field officer may grant an advance parole document at the appointment, request the service center to expedite …

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