What Is A Roomer Or Boarder?

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In the realm of housing and accommodation, the terms “roomer” and “boarder” refer to individuals who reside in a dwelling but have different arrangements regarding living space, amenities, and level of services provided. These distinct categories of tenants or residents often share communal spaces, yet their housing agreements differ in significant ways. Let’s delve into the nuances and characteristics of roomers and boarders.

What Is A Roomer Or Boarder?

  • Roomer: A roomer typically rents a single room within a residence, such as a private home or apartment, while sharing common areas like kitchens, bathrooms, or living rooms with the primary tenant or owner. Roomers usually have more independence in terms of meals and services.
  • Boarder: A boarder, on the other hand, not only rents a room but also receives meals or other services as part of their accommodation arrangement. Boarders often have their meals provided by the landlord or host, making their housing arrangement more akin to a partial or full board situation.

Characteristics And Arrangements


  • Independent Living: Roomers generally maintain a higher level of independence in terms of meal preparation and living habits.
  • Renting Space: They pay rent for the room they occupy but may not receive additional services beyond the use of shared facilities.


  • Meals and Services: Boarders often receive meals or other specific services as part of their housing agreement, with the cost factored into their rent.
  • Shared Accommodation: Similar to roomers, boarders share communal areas but may have a closer relationship with the landlord or host due to provided services.

Legal Implications And Responsibilities

The distinction between roomers and boarders can have legal implications:

  • Tenancy Laws: Roomers might be protected under standard tenant laws, while boarders might have different legal arrangements due to receiving additional services.
  • Lease Agreements: Clarity in lease or housing agreements is crucial to delineate responsibilities, services provided, and rights of each party.

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Cultural Significance And Evolution

Throughout history, roomers and boarders have played significant roles in housing arrangements. From boarding houses in the early 20th century to modern shared housing models, the dynamics of communal living have evolved to cater to diverse needs and lifestyles.


Roomers and boarders navigate shared spaces and living arrangements, each with its distinct characteristics and arrangements. Whether seeking independent living with shared amenities or opting for a housing arrangement inclusive of meals and services, individuals find varied paths that suit their preferences and circumstances.

As the landscape of housing continues to evolve, roomers and boarders stand as integral parts of the fabric of shared living, embodying the diversity and adaptability inherent in communal housing arrangements.


What Is The Difference Between A Boarder And A Roomer?

A roomer is a person who rents a room or rooms in which to live. A boarder is a person who pays rent and a stipulated sum of money in return for regular meals and lodging.

Is Roomer The Same As Roommate?

A “Roomer or boarder” is someone who occupies room(s) and makes cash or non-cash payment(s). A “Housemate or roommate” is someone sharing the house/apartment (but who is not romantically involved) with Person 1.

What Does Boarder Income Mean?

Payments made by an individual living in the assistance group’s home that are for both lodging and meals. Treatment: Earned Income. Boarder income is self-employment income.

What Is A Boarder In Missouri?

Roomers are individuals to whom an EU furnishes lodging, but not meals for compensation. A boarder is defined as an individual residing in the residence and paying reasonable compensation to the EU for lodging and meals.

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