What Is A Broiler Pan?

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In the realm of cooking and kitchen tools, certain items play a pivotal role in elevating culinary experiences. The broiler pan stands as a versatile and essential tool for achieving deliciously cooked dishes with a perfect balance of texture and flavor. Join us as we explore the world of broiler pans, understanding their purpose, functionality, and their role in enhancing oven-based cooking.

What Is A Broiler Pan?

A broiler pan is a specialized cooking utensil designed for use in ovens, particularly in the broiler setting. It typically consists of two components: a shallow, slotted upper pan and a deeper lower pan. The upper pan, usually made with perforations or slits, allows fats and oils to drip down while cooking, promoting healthier, less greasy dishes. The lower pan serves to collect these drippings, preventing them from accumulating in the oven and facilitating easier cleaning.

Purpose And Functionality:

Broiler pans are primarily used for cooking foods that benefit from high-heat exposure, such as meats, fish, vegetables, and even certain desserts. The broiler setting in an oven generates intense heat from above, allowing for quick searing and caramelization while preserving moisture within the food.

Key Features And Benefits:

  • Even Heat Distribution: The design of the broiler pan promotes even distribution of heat, ensuring that food is cooked uniformly and efficiently.
  • Drip and Fat Drainage: The slotted upper pan allows excess fats and oils to drip away from the food, contributing to healthier cooking and reducing the risk of flare-ups.
  • Enhanced Texture and Flavor: The direct heat from the broiler helps create crispy exteriors and caramelized surfaces, enhancing the texture and flavor of various dishes.
  • Versatility: Broiler pans are versatile tools suitable for a wide range of foods, making them an indispensable accessory in the kitchen for both novice cooks and seasoned chefs.

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Tips For Using Broiler Pans Effectively:

  • Preheating: Preheat the broiler pan before placing the food to ensure an immediate sear and prevent sticking.
  • Monitoring and Adjusting: Keep a close eye on foods being cooked under the broiler, as the high heat can quickly lead to overcooking or burning. Adjust the rack position in the oven to control the intensity of heat.
  • Proper Cleaning: After use, clean the broiler pan thoroughly, as accumulated fats and drippings can cause smoke and unwanted odors during subsequent use.


The broiler pan stands as a versatile and indispensable tool in the realm of oven-based cooking, offering culinary enthusiasts an effective way to achieve flavorful and well-textured dishes. From imparting a delectable sear to promoting healthier cooking by draining excess fats, broiler pans play a crucial role in elevating the quality and taste of various foods prepared in the oven. Whether for searing steaks, roasting vegetables, or caramelizing desserts, the broiler pan remains a trusted ally in the kitchen, empowering cooks to create culinary delights with precision and finesse.


What Can I Use Instead Of A Broiler Pan?

Broiling pan substitutes are easy. You can use a roasting pan, cookie sheet/baking pan, aluminum baking trays, and cast-iron skillets. If you use a baking pan/cookie sheet, be sure to cover the pan with aluminum foil before putting food on it to help make clean-up easier.

Do I Really Need A Broiler Pan?

At cook time, you will need either a broiler pan (these usually come with your oven), which features slats to help air circulate for even cooking. Alternatively, you can use an oven-safe baking sheet or cast iron skillet and rotate your food throughout the cooking process.

Can I Use A Sheet Pan Instead Of A Broiler Pan?

Sturdy metal pans, or a simple rimmed sheet pan, are optimal when cooking with a broiler. If you use something else (like a glass pan), it could crack or break under the broiler’s heat. Our Test Kitchen’s favorite sheet pan is always a good bet.

Do All Ovens Come With A Broiler Pan?

Back in the day, a broiler pan was included with a new oven. Now, they aren’t. If you have an older oven that came with one, examine the pan carefully.

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