How To Remove Liner From Classic Crocs?

Crocs, those iconic rubber clogs known for their comfort and versatility, often come with a liner inside that provides additional cushioning and comfort. However, some individuals may prefer to remove the liner for various reasons, such as cleaning or replacing it, or simply for personal preference. If you’re wondering how to remove the liner from classic Crocs, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through the process.

How To Remove Liner From Classic Crocs?

Step 1: Gather Materials

To remove the liner from your classic Crocs, you’ll need a few basic materials:

  • Classic Crocs: Make sure you have the Crocs you want to remove the liner from.
  • Clean, flat surface: Find a clean and flat surface, such as a table or countertop, to work on.
  • Towel or cloth: Place a towel or cloth on the surface to protect your Crocs from scratches.

Step 2: Turn Crocs Upside Down

Flip your Crocs upside down so that the bottom of the shoe is facing up. This will allow you to easily access the liner and remove it.

Step 3: Locate The Liner

In classic Crocs, the liner is a separate piece that is attached to the shoe with small clips or tabs. Locate these clips or tabs on the sides of the liner, near the heel area. They may be visible or hidden under the liner, so you may need to gently lift or peel back the liner to expose them.

Step 4: Remove The Liner

Using your fingers or a small flat tool, such as a screwdriver or a butter knife, gently push or lift the clips or tabs to release the liner from the shoe. Be careful not to apply too much force to avoid damaging the Crocs or the liner. Once the clips or tabs are released, you should be able to easily lift the liner out of the Crocs.

Step 5: Clean Or Replace The Liner (Optional)

If you removed the liner for cleaning or replacement, now is the time to do so. You can hand wash the liner with mild soap and water, or replace it with a new liner if desired. Allow the liner to air dry before reattaching it to the Crocs.

Step 6: Reattach The Liner (Optional)

To reattach the liner, simply align it with the Crocs and press it firmly into place. Make sure the clips or tabs are securely attached to hold the liner in place.

Step 7: Test For Comfort

Put your Crocs back on and test for comfort. If the Crocs feel comfortable without the liner, then you’re all set! If you prefer to have the liner in, simply repeat the steps to reattach it.

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How Do You Clean Classic Lined Clog Crocs?

For Classic Clogs, slides, and other styles made only with our signature Croslite™ foam material, hand wash or spot clean with mild soap and cold water or use your washing machine’s gentle cycle.

Can You Wear Lined Crocs In The Summer?

The lined clog might be a no-brainer for winter, but the soft, fuzzy interior is also great for wicking away summer sweat and providing comfort when you’re lounging in an air-conditioned house.

Are Lined Crocs Worth It?

If you’re already a Crocs fan, then you’d love a pair of the Baya Lined Clogs. They’re durable and comfortable and can fill the Crocs void you may have during the cooler months. I think they’re great for long car rides and camping trips too.

Can You Machine Wash Crocs With Lining?

Run the machine as usual and then remove the shoes and let them air dry. You’ll need to be more careful with fluffy Crocs, though. The linings are not removable, so the manufacturer recommends only cleaning gently with warm water and mild soap.


Removing the liner from classic Crocs can be a simple process with the right tools and techniques. Whether you’re cleaning, replacing, or simply personalizing your Crocs, following the steps outlined above can help you successfully remove the liner from your classic Crocs. Just remember to be gentle and take your time to avoid damaging the shoes or the liner. Happy Croc customization!


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